2022 Cast

The 2022 cast for Wooden Heart Follies

Wooden Heart Follies 2022 Cast

Getting the whole cast and musicians together for a cast photo at one time proved to be a bit difficult. We did have a different Pvt. Mark on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022.

  • Rich Ivaun: The Mad Scientist
  • Madeleine Doyle: Miss Adelaide
  • Martin Watjen (12/1, 2 and 3) and Matt Walker (12/4): Pvt. Mark
  • Mary Beth Engle: Vincenzo, The Gondolier
  • Von Holmes: Grandma Nutcracker
  • Hope Sirilla: Clara Stahlbaum
  • Tamara Lehew: Artopoios, The Baker
  • John Holmes: Patrolman H. Holiday
  • Rob DeSantis: St. Nicholas
  • Doug Davidson: Emcee
  • Music Director/ Vocal Coach/ Arranger: Susanne Manocchia
  • Accompanist: Roberta Fedoush

Wooden Heart Follies 2022 Cast

Rehearsal space in 2022 was graciously provided by Froelich’s Classic Corner.